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Ashes at Sea

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We would be honored to share in fulfilling a loved one wishes for their ashes to be spread at sea.

The Emerald Coast Waters are among the most beautiful. waters for you to let go and crate a special place of memories. If your loved one cherished the ocean, beaches, and nature. This is a perfect way to honor them. We provide a peaceful and relaxing setting for you to say farewell to your loved one. The currents take the ashes and flowers out to sea, and they eventually cross into the Atlantic. Scattering ashes at sea is one of the most serene events and unlike others this is not a sideline to our business, but a first-class service we offer. The crew takes much pride in our expertise to help guide you through the entire ceremony. We are friendly and respectful knowing this is not an easy time.

Attended Memorial Service include: starts at $450.00

  • First mate greets family/guest @ Adventure Marina, Okaloosa Island, Florida.

  • Embarking the private 32ft Center Console Cat, “MADALY”, you are greeted by the captain (Insured/Licensed by USCG).

  • Brief safety instructions are provided by Captain Bob to all passengers.

  • Departure proceeds to a serene location Three (3) miles offshore.

  • Total cruise time - approximately 1.5 hrs. but can be shortened / lengthen at client's request.

  • Crew offers/serves complimentary water. Client/Family are also welcomed to bring champagne, wine, spirit libations, or the likes, for a toast to the departed loved one. **(please bring Cups, napkins, plates and utensils)

  • Client/Family are welcomed to bring music downloaded on phone to play. Wi-Fi usually works at sea. We suggest live streaming the ceremony for all to enjoy.

  • Arrival at serene, designated location, the Captain, Clergy and/or family member(s) provides a reading of passage, conduct ceremony, release of cremains and memorial flowers/rose petals and/or any biodegradable mementos.

  • Conclusion of ceremony, Captain will make the "Circle of Life" pass, allowing family to take all time necessary to reflect and say their goodbyes.

  • The option to disburse, additional cremains on same cruise, is available for no additional cost per scattering.

  • Slowly the vessel makes its way back to the dock. During this time, crew members will disburse cooling/warm scented hand towels to refresh. Many families also use this time to reflect and take group photos/videos.

  • Post Cruise - Designated family member receives One (1) "Memorial Certificate" (via USPS) with date, longitude/latitude of disbursement. This gives meaning to many families for re-visiting at later dates and for disbursing other family cremains at the same serene location.

  • We file the EPA Paperwork.

  • Gratuity is not included, but with any personal services rendered, a 10% - 20% Crew Gratuities is an accepted way to say “thank you” for exceptional crew service.

Unattended Services Include: starting at $150

  • Your unattended tribute consists of

  • We file the EPA Paperwork.

  • We send you instructions for everything you need to ship your loved one's ashes to us.

  • We provide a few pictures.

  • flower petals

  • Certificate

  • Live streaming of service by crew is available.

  • Biodegradable urn is available.

Veteran's Unattended Service: FREE

Captain Bob is a Veteran who served for 32 years in the United States Airforce. As a solute of honor to fellow brother and sisters. The Jig is Up offer's Unattended scattering of ashes to those who have served the United States Armed Forces for FREE.

*Proof of armed service for the deceased is required.

**This is only valid for unattended services.

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